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What's New

New Guide for Treatment Planning with Quick Ceph Studio

Click here to download our new helpful guide to using Quick Ceph Studio in your treatment planning.

Quick Ceph Studio 3.8.8 Release Notes (12/2/2015)

This update requires Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite or 10.11 El Capitan. Please note we will no longer support Mac OS 10.7 going forward. Please update your computers to Mac OS 10.8 or newer to maintain compatibility with future Quick Ceph Studio updates.

Release Notes for Quick Ceph Studio 3.8.8

Changes since 3.8.7
- Improved export and import progress bars under El Capitan.
- Improved STL models to have white backgrounds instead of black. This should help conserve printer ink.
- Fixed importing STL files under El Capitan.
- Fixed importing DICOM files under El Capitan.
- Fixed FreezeDried images being flipped incorrectly under El Capitan.

Changes since 3.8.5
- Added Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan support.

Changes since 3.8.4
- Added retina display support. You will notice all the images are now retina quality on supported MacBook's and the new 5K iMac.
- Added all new icons across Quick Ceph Studio to better match Mac OS 10.10 and for retina display support.
- Added screen sharing support for retina displays.
- Added black and white mode to screen sharing to help speed up the remote connection, this should improve our technical support to machines with slow internet access.
- Added ability to select all custom calculated and digitized landmarks when creating custom analyses.
- Added ability to select all custom calculated and digitized landmarks when setting your superimposition preferences.

Changes since 3.8.2 (released 12/19/2014)
- Fixed rare crash when launching Quick Ceph Studio. This issue has only been reported by one user but it could have affected others.
- Fixed problem with first exported image showing blank. This would only happen when choosing Export from the File menu and if it was the first export from a newly opened patient file.
- Fixed date wrapping issue which could affect international users.
- Changed Oriental norm to Asian by default. You can still customize the norms to your preference.

Quick Ceph Office 3.0.0 Release Notes (2/22/2016)

Please read through the Release Notes on each update to see what new features have been added to Quick Ceph Office. There are often substantial improvements to the Quick Ceph Office software that you may not realize without reading the notes. You can also view the Release Notes after updating in Quick Ceph Office by clicking on the Help menu and selecting Release Notes.

Changes since 2.9.0 (released 12/3/2015)
- Added notification about completed chart entries to the Appointment Book and Today's Appointments sections.
- Added many features to Read for Doctor window. You can now see and sign in patients waiting to be seated, this is a separate list from the patients currently in treatment. You can enable a sound alert when patients have signed in and another sound alert when the patient is ready to be seen by the doctor. The sound alerts can be enabled or disabled per workstation. Also provided the ability to specify which chair the patient is being seated in for better patient flow tracking.
- Added preference for Message Board to provide a sound alert when receiving messages. This can be enabled or disabled per workstation.
- Added ability to set chair 'Blocked Time' notes. If you click in the top right hand corner of any blocked time box, it will allow you to create, view and edit the blocked time note.
- Added new Practice Monitor report which provides you a per month view of a whole years financial data.
- Added new Wait Time report, this will give you an overview of how long patients in your office wait before they are seated.
- Added two new columns to the Insurance Claims section, Last Payment Amount and Last Payment Date.
- Added 'Signed Date' filter back to the Contracts report. You can now search for contracts on the signed date or recorded date.
- Added option to view active and inactive persons in the 'Persons' section of the Practice Manager.
- Added active filter to the canned lists, now you can view all patients or only the active patients, same goes for staff members.
- Added financial overview totals to the Ledgers window.
- Added additional details to saved Ad Hoc email documents, it now includes attachment names and sizes.
- Improved Palmer dental scheme, it now lists as US scheme and not Universal. Palmer and US are very similar so this makes the most sense.
- Improved printing the appointment book, it will now split up long schedules to print onto multiple pages rather thing shrinking everything to fit on a single page. Please note we are still working on improving this feature.
- Improved dentist letter template token, it now will properly pull the referrer if they are also the dentist.
- Improved 'Appointment List All' letter template token, we removed the appointment end time to avoid confusion and help the appointment list to better fit on smaller paper like the Dymo labels.
- Improved Letters section, columns now remember custom positioning and width.
- Fixed issue with Vanco integration inconsistency while running under El Capitan. All aspects of Vanco should be properly working under El Capitan now. Previous Mac OS versions were not effected.
- Fixed issue where patient chart notes would be dropped if you were editing a previously saved chart and changed focus to another section such as Ledgers before saving your changes.
- Fixed issue where posting a Fee to a ledger would sometimes post other contract associated items such as discounts and initial contract installment.
- Fixed issue where inactive Fee Schedule entries were still selectable when creating a Treatment Plan.
- Fixed minor display issue, the secure email attachment password used to be blocked from viewing, it is now viewable.
- Fixed issue where you were unable to select the 'Time' filter in the Find Available Time Slot section.
- Fixed occasional error where syncing an OrthoBanc payment schedule would not work properly due to a cents rounding error in the payment plan.
- Fixed graphical issue with repeating column titles in the 'Exams vs Starts' report.
- Fixed graphical issue where the label editor in the 'Labels' section cut off all text entry fields.
- Fixed issue where release notes were not showing correctly when selected from the Help menu.
- Various other improvements and fixes.

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