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Training Options

Get the most out of your software with one of our 3 training options. This is a great opportunity to increase your skills, learn how to use those features you might be missing, train new staff members, and be introduced to the latest developments. We will provide you with instructions on the following topics:

  • Recommended hardware and equipment familiarization
  • Image capturing techniques
  • Functions of the Quick Ceph tools and related menus
  • Digitizing & tracing x-rays
  • Treatment planning
  • File construction and storage
  • Basic Macintosh functions
  • Keeping your system in peak condition


We would like to help our users get to know Quick Ceph Studio better without the expensive flight and hotel costs. Webinars allow you and your staff to get familiar with the program without leaving the office. Click on this link to get more information.

San Diego Training

For $550, a Quick Ceph representative will train you and your staff for one day at our office in San Diego, California. This type of training is available on Saturdays.

Onsite Training

For $990 (plus travel expenses), an experienced Quick Ceph representative will come out to your office for a day to train you and your staff on your Quick Ceph system. Our representative will help you feel more comfortable and familiarize you with the hardware and software as you implement them in your practice. These trainings are available on Saturdays.